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Jada Pinkett Smith is just beautiful

Jada Pinkett Smith is just beautiful and has no need for weight loss diet. She said: “I also eat on a schedule, that means lots of high-proteins, many vegetables and healthy carbs so that I don’t fall flat on my face.” Now we’re talking about Jada, you might ask what’s her secret?
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Olympic Weight Loss

Olympic Weight Loss | The Olympic weight loss program planned by the British Olympic organizers in 2005 was meant to get British people to exercise before the games in 2012. Unfortunately it did not work out.
As soon as it was decided in 2005 that the Summer Olympics 2012 were going to be in London, the British Olympic organizers launched the idea to use the Olympics to inspire about two million over weighted Britons to start exercise in order to lose weight.
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Cut-Up-Food-Diet, the secret is: Small Pieces of Food are More Filling! Cut-Up-Food-Diet, that’s what we like to call it. With this creative diet, whit food served in small pieces you feel full faster, and eat less afterwords.
College students have tried this on themselves and on lab rats. And it worked in both, according to a study by Devina Wadhera and colleagues at Arizona State University. [Read More]