What Are The Best Protein Powders For Women?

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, put on muscle, or just increase your daily protein intake then trying to find a good protein powder for women has probably got you in a bit of a twist.

The protein powder industry has been dominated by the men for years, but in recent years has seen a MASSIVE growth in the number of powders available for women. It is now very common for women to take protein powders but unfortunately a lot of macho male mentality prevails when it comes to good information on protein for women.

If you’ve asked your boyfriend, husband or just about any other male for information on choosing the right protein powder for women, then you’ve probably seen the old raised eyebrow, frown and then something along the lines of

“what do you want to take protein powders for?…They’re not meant for women, they’ll just make you fat!”

…or something like that, right?

Let’s Get Something Straight…

Women CAN use protein powders and often use the “Men’s Ones” with great success.

Here I’d like to give you some helpful info on what to look for in a protein powder for women and some of my favorite recommendations.

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Source: Squidoo

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