Jada Pinkett Smith is just beautiful

Jada Pinkett Smith seems not to mind to get older.

This weekend she tweeted a photo of herself which shows how the actress in a bikini walked out of the sea. Whit this she hopes to show other women that they only prettier .
“To all my 40 + followers. Do not believe the hype … We are getting more beautiful with the years,” tweets the 40-year-old wife of Will Smith.

Eat schedule
Jada Pinkett Smith sport regularly to her body in shape, but they also keep to a healthy eat schedule.
Where she talked about earlier against the magazine Essence:” My grandmother taught me that you eat to nourish yourself and not for its taste. I always remember and I eat everything, but if it is healthy. ”
“I also eat on a schedule, that means lots of high-proteins, many vegetables and healthy carbs so that I don’t fall flat on my face.”

Now we’re talking about Jada, you might ask what’s her secret? Well, it seems that boxing,  martial arts, yoga and going to the gym five days a week is helping a lot. And of course adding superfoods like salmon and blueberries to her diet probably might do her good as well. Jada Pinkett Smith has no need for weight loss diet. She will celebrate her 41st birthday soon, but it doesn’t look like anyone has told her body that.

Jada Pinkett Smith: slavery still persists in the United States of America

Nearly 150 years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery still persists in the United States of America.

Jada Pinkett Smith was wearing a white T-shirt that said “Free Slaves”  to  testify before Congress to give attention to human trafficking and forced labor around the world.
“This old monster is still with us,” she told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. “This is an ugly, and too often invisible, problem.”
Some estimates indicate that 21 million to 27 million people are currently enslaved around the world. This includes about 40,000 victims in the United States.
“Fighting slavery doesn’t cost a lot of money,” she said. “The costs of allowing it to exist in our nation and abroad are much higher. It robs us of the thing we value most, our freedom. We know what that freedom is worth.”
Jada Pinkett Smith became interested in the issue after her daughter Willow brought the You Tube documentary to her attention, about the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony and African children forced into sexual slavery or used as soldiers. “We need more adequate funding for programs that can actually, first, protect young women and men who are victims of trafficking and then also the programs that help transition our young people from those traumas into being able to create and develop lives so that they’re not only survivors but they are thriving,” Jada Pinkett Smith said. “These young ladies that are here with us today are young women who are not just surviving but they’re thriving.”

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