Learn what your BMI is! That might be the first thing you should do when you want to lose weight.  BMI means Body Mass Index and this gives you an idea of how big your weight problem really is. And if you have a weight loss problem. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from your weight and height and it provides a reliable indicator of your body fatness and you can use it to screen if that may lead to health problems. BMI calculation takes into account weight, muscle, fat, bones, all this things that are important for calculating a healthy weight.

Is BMI a reliable indicator of body fatness?

Actually there is e pretty strongcorrelation between the BMI number and body fatness. But it varies by sex, race, and age. For example:

women tend to have more body fat than men with the same BMI. And the average older people tend to have more body fat than younger adults at the same BMI. If you have a body like a trained athlete you may have a high BMI because of your increased muscles that took the place of body fat. One important thing you’ll have to remember is that BMI is just a factor that is related to the risk for disease. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute guidelines recommend looking at two other predictors for assessing someone’s likelihood of developing obesity-related diseases. The individual waist circumference (abdominal fat is also a predictor of risk for obesity-related diseases).

Other indications for diseases and conditions associated with obesity (such as high blood pressure or physical inactivity).
More information about the risks for developing obesity and obesity-related diseases, can be found on the website of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Looking for a calculator that provides BMI and the corresponding BMI weight status category? Here you’ll find a BMI-calculator for adults of 20 years and older.

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