You probably already know that when you want to lose weight fast you’ll have to cut your calories and increase your exercise. If you really want to lose weight you’ll have to consistently take in fewer calories per day than you burn with your exercise and activities. In order to increase your metabolism you have to increase your daily exercises. If you lack of discipline try to join a fitness club or find a running or exercise partner.

Strong weapon in your weight loss fight

But there is more you can do to get rid of these extra pounds and help you with fast weight loss. One proven method and strong weapon in your weight loss fight is water, plain water. That is because by drinking water regularly you’ll keep your body hydrated. It also will help to feel less often hungry since it seems that drinking water is a good filler and gives you a full feeling without adding the calories you don’t want. Water is also the best thirst-quencher so you will not need to drink high calorie juices a sodas that are known to be weight-gainers.

Spiking influence on your blood-sugar level

Another great advice is to avoid food that have a spiking influence on your blood-sugar level like food processed with white wheat, sweetened breakfast cereals and all kinds of sodas. This types of food makes you feel hungry again very fast so it will be harder to resist searching for more food. In other words it will lead to overeating and in the long run over weight. And for sure it will not help for fast weight loss. Instead of stuffing yourself with these short pleasing and blood-sugar spiking food you’re much better off with a balanced diet with lean proteins and divide your intake over at least 3 meals or more per day. In between you can eat two snacks like an apple or some nuts. That will get you more easily through the day without too much craving for snacks and candy. Remember that study shows that people who cheat on their intake occasionally lose more weight and stay slimmer than those who fanatically avoid all junk food.

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