Olympic Weight Loss

The Olympic weight loss program planned by the British Olympic organizers in 2005 was meant to get British people to exercise before the games in 2012. Unfortunately it did not work out.
As soon as it was decided in 2005 that the Summer Olympics 2012 were going to be in London, the British Olympic organizers launched the idea to use the Olympics to inspire about two million over weighted Britons to start exercise in order to lose weight.

UK is fattest nation in Europe

The UK seems to be the fattest nation in Europe. More than twenty-five percent of the adults appears to be obese. In most cases due to inactive lifestyles. So the British government decided it was an excellent opportunity to start a campaign to get people active in biking, walking and whatever kind of physical activity. But however the government started with vivid enthusiasm, they didn’t sustain the ambitious plans and lose power. Probably there wasn’t any longer enough budget for the campaigns.
Now we are almost ready for the Olympic opening ceremonies it is time to evaluate the medical weight loss efforts. Well it is a disaster.
Now since the Olympic weight loss program failed to reach the majority off the obese people, you better drawn your own master plan. Look around on the website of weightloss.guru-xl.com and search for the right weight loss plan, weight loss diet, weight loss tips, etcetera that suits you the best. Let that be your guide to eating like an Olympic winner and still achieving optimum nutrition.

The formula is simple

Obesity is caused by consuming more calories than are expended, with many attributing excessive weight gain to a combination of overeating of “unhealthy” (high fat, high sugar, high carbohydrate) foods and insufficient exercise. Remember that a major risk of obesity is becoming a type 2 diabetic. And you’d rather be an Olympic winner!


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